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CO.NR has a Zero tolerance UBE (Unauthorized Bulk Email) aka SPAM policy and do not allow our services to be used for such purposes. (Terms of Service, CO.NR Rules)

SPAM: it is sometimes difficult enouth to catch the spammer, as they can NOT use our servers directly to send their advetising emails. Thus, spammers can only send spam from some 3rd party servers, but mask their real website address with a free .CO.NR redirect.

So, if you ever receive any Unwanted Advertising Email where a free .CO.NR address is mentioned, please take a minute to report it to CO.NR using the form below.

In this case we will really appreciate if you include as many details as possible with your report incuding but not limited to the copy of that email, extended e-mail headers, other details and information to help us quickly and effectively terminate the abuse/spam.

OTHER ABUSE: includes but not limited to illegal materials on the website (porno, warez, cracks..), copyright violations, differrent scams (credit card scams, MLM things, fake yahoo or web sites, etc.), other violations of CO.NR Terms of Service, CO.NR Rules and any other local or international laws.

If you feel one of the users of free .CO.NR address performs one of the violations mentioned above or any other violation, please do not hesitate to report it to CO.NR using the form below. Please include as much information as possible. Thank you!

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Disclaimer: CO.NR provides free domain names like that are free subdomains of free web domain name. CO.NR is no way a ccTLD registry for .NR domain names, but a web project that povides free domains that look like real paid domain names on "as is" and "as available" basis. CO.NR domain name free account includes free URL redirection with path forwarding and URL cloaking to redirect a free domain name to an existing web site. No any free DNS support is provided for CO.NR domain name free accounts and we don't plan to provide free domain name with DNS support in future, but just a free domain name forwarding service