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CO.NR : Basic Free Domain Name - Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find the answers to the most frequent questions about Basic Free Domain Name package and about Basic free domain names in general.

General Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Basic package? What does it include?

Basic Free Domain Name package is designed to provide fast and hassle free solution to everybody who wishes to get cool and free domain name.

The Basic package includes a FREE domain name such as or perhaps plus some value added features including free URL redirection (also known as "free URL forwarding" or "free domain forwarding"), URL cloaking (URL masking), support for most important META TAGS i.e. title, description, keywords, robots, etc., as well as the ability to use your free domains with and without WWW, Path forwarding support, dynamic IP option, FavIcon support, and more.

What is .CO.NR domain name? Who assigned it? What does it mean?

.NR top level domain name is a ccTDL (country code top level domain) for Republic of Nauru, it is assigned by ICANN and can be used and accessed worldwide, and it is operated by the respected .NR Domain Name Registry - CenpacNet Inc.

CO.NR (as an Internet Project) is NOT and NO WAY a ccTLD registry for .NR domain names and we DO NOT pretend to be one. We are JUST an Administrator and Operator of CO.NR zone (domain name), and under the agreement with .NR ccTLD Registry we can operate this zone at our own discretion.

So, we desided to provide free domain names, free subdomains of CO.NR domain name to the Internet Community. is a 3rd level domain name within CO.NR zone (domain name), or in other words, it is a subdomain of CO.NR domain name.

Is it really free? How long can I use Basic Free Domain Name?

Yes, its ABSOLUTELY free! No setup fees, no monthly fees, no yearly fees, no renewal fees, etc. And you can use your free domain name as long as you wish. Just dont violate our Terms of Service, Basic Domain Rules and different International Laws please.

How Fast and Easy is it to signup?

It will take you 5-10 minutes to signup and your domain will be activated immediately.
You only need a website to point your domain to it and you can begin using your free domain name!

Are there any banner ads or popup ads?

We decided NOT to put any ads at all. Banners and popups annoy visitors and don't bring anything in return. Enjoy your banner-free & free domain name!

What is the CATCH? Any hidden fees?

No hidden fees. The catch is that you should actually use your domain name. Domains inactive for more than a month will be deleted without any warning. Plus a link back to CO.NR website is REQUIRED to be placed on the main page of your website.

What is Free URL Redirection (URL Forwarding)?

You can host your website anywhere you wish and point your free domain name to your website. If you ever decide to change your hosting provider you can fastly and easily modify your free domain name to point it to your new hosting provider. Only 1 minute.

What is Free URL cloaking?

URL cloaking is used to mask your real website address (that might be long and difficult to remember) with your new Domain Name web address. So, your free domain name will always be in location bar of your website visitors.

Can I use Basic Free Domain Name with and without WWW ?

Yes, thats right. You can use your free domain name with and without WWW in front of the domain name. It will still bring people to your website. or - doesnt matter!

What is Free Path Forwarding?

It means that e.g. will be forwarded to

Do you provide META TAGS support?

All the most important Meta Tags like Description, Keywords, Revisit-After etc. are supported. (Meta Tags are important for your site to be indexed by search engines)

What is Dynamic IP support?

This feature is for those who would like to run a webserver from their home computer, but unfortunately, have a dynamic IP address.

If you cant find the answer to your question(s) here, please dont hesitate to Contact us.

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Disclaimer: CO.NR provides free domain names like that are free subdomains of free web domain name. CO.NR is no way a ccTLD registry for .NR domain names, but a web project that povides free domains that look like real paid domain names on "as is" and "as available" basis. CO.NR domain name free account includes free URL redirection with path forwarding and URL cloaking to redirect a free domain name to an existing web site. No any free DNS support is provided for CO.NR domain name free accounts and we don't plan to provide free domain name with DNS support in future, but just a free domain name forwarding service